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ataArt Today Association
_Center for contemporary art - Plovdov, Ancient Bath
_invites you to the exhibition
_ivan moudov/sibin vasilev

_6 p.m.
_"Audioguide is an exhibition of missing contemporary art works. The only thing reminding of them are the small plates on the walls pointing at their titles. The visitors are walking around the hall with head-phones and small devices in their hands, they bend down to read the name of the author/ title/ year of creation, but mostly in order to see the number written below. This number is the key to the understanding of the art work.
The device and the head-phones are a standard museum audio guide and with the entering of the showed number the visitor is enabled to hear the explanations to the respective art work in Bulgarian. So far, these facilities exist only in foreign museums and in foreign languages…"
_The project is supported by Art Today Association, Goethe Institute Sofia, Swiss Cultural program in Bulgaria, ANTENNAUDIO

ataArt Today Association presents the project
10 years video art in Bulgaria, idea Adelina Popnedeleva
Place: the office of Art Today Association, 36 Konstantin Stoilov Str.
Time: 10 November 2006, 18.00 - 22.00 and 11 November 2006, 14.00 - 19.00
video selections by Ventsislav Zankov - [videoti], Adelina Popnedeleva - AFTER FEMINISM, Nadejda Oleg Liahova - ACTIONS AND PERFORMANCES, Boris Kostadinov - VIDEOARCHAEOLOGY, Yana Kostova - TIME VS MOTION.

ataArt Today Association presents in Goethe Institute Sofia exhibition of selected works and presentations of curator projects, realized in the Center for contemporary art - Plovdiv. The audience will acquaint with the work of one of the most active cultural centers outside the capital and its role for the art scene development in Plovdiv. The Center's activity is realized by Art Today Association that offers to the public video presentations and artworks from four large-scale projects realized in the Center - Week of contemporary art (12 editions), Art Positive (3 editions), Communication Front (3 editions) and International project for low and high technics in contemporary media art. These projects represent the main program of the Center and show its cultural policy aimed at production, analysis and presentation of alternative and experimental art forms.

Opening 25 October at 18.00.
The exhibition will last until 24 November 2006.

ataArtist-in-residence Program
Organizers: Art Today Association, Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv and Center for Contemporary Arts Celje, Slovenia
Yana Kostova was selected as a participant in the program with her project “Between East and West: new artistic realities in Slovenia”.

Center for contemporary art – Plovdiv, Ancient Bath
Under the patronage of the Minister of European Affairs Meglena Kuneva
12 September – 10 October 2006

Exhibition „Common borders“ is realized in the frames of international annual project Week of contemporary art, that has been implemented since 1995 and is one of the most important events, organized by Art Today Association. It shows projects, dealing with topical theme, presenting artists who work in the sphere of contemporary art.
The forthcoming 12th edition of the Week aims at presenting artworks of contemporary art from 2 Balkan countries (Bulgaria and Romania) in a moment when they strive to overcome many inner and outer borders, accomplishing a common pursuit - becoming members of EU.
The partner organization from Romanian side is Vector Association in Iasi.
More about the exhibition.

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Communication Front- new media art and theory

Critique of Pure Image – Between Fake and Quotation


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