From 08.09.2004 to 04.10.2004, the 10th edition of Week of Contemporary Art will take place in Plovdiv. This is one of the most important and large-scale cultural events in Bulgaria, the only annual forum for contemporary art. The curator's team includes activists from Art Today Association.The organizers have chosen "The Ideal" as a title of the 10th edition of the Week, yet this is not a theme that has to be illustrated unless the author himself chooses to do so. Different artistic practices (installations, performance, objects, conceptual photography and painting, video, experimental theatre, dance and music) will be situated on an imaginary line, connecting the Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv with the central city part. On this line at selected places, in open and covered city areas will be exposed the artistic works of the participating authors. In particular variants this way of presentation has different appeal and results. The aim is to change the familiar surroundings marked by the market ideology, to cause interruptions in the inertia flows.The title is a reaction provoked by the griping strength of the contrast between the Ideal as harmony and unity and everything that results from its opposition in the everyday life. This is not the Ideal in its numerous specific variations, but the Ideal in its utter perfection.On the background of the tragic collisions nowadays, uncertainty raised from the obvious and hidden processes of globalization, on the background of the every day evidence for ordinary motives in thinking, ethics, art, political and social ideas, the mention of the Ideal seems inappropriate.Is the absolute model an utopia? The curators' team believes that the artistic events can contribute to realization of the new barbarous reality - the inertness and self-restraint. In the communication process: author-audience, the art works are a field of penetration beyond the direct visibility (perception) of things. Except the aesthetic they possess or the conflicts they provoke or the negation of definite social norms that they often propagate, as a whole they possess part of the truth for the existence of the Ideal.

The project also includes a panel of presentations.



Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, it is situated on 101981 dc, including 1292 dc forests, 3708 dc water flows and areas, 11056 dc transport and infrastructure territory, the population of Plovdiv is 340475 people - 162486 men and 177 989 women, there 134044 living houses in Plovdiv, the employees are totally 141075 , on labor contract 120519, on civil contract 7914, self-employed 11933; the net proceeds of the business establishments' sales is 266688000 lv ., the acquired long-term material assets are 289861000 blv.; Plovdiv has 6 covered swimming pools , 4 big billiard halls, 15 martial art clubs, 1 carting speedway, 4 yoga studios, 21 fitness clubs, 10 taverns, 31 pizzas, 28 fast food places, 5 beer-houses, 89 cafes, 37 confectionaries, 54 night-clubs, 22 clubs, 18 dance-clubs, 28 hotels, 4 bed; breakfast, 1 camping site, 53 automat money machines, 15 non-stop pharmacies, 4 boarding houses, 60 kindergartens, 7 institutions of higher education, 3 art schools with 534 students and 120 teachers, 59 secondary schools with 1656 classes, 2501 teachers, 39 637 students; in Plovdiv there are 5255 shops including: 71 sweetshops, 211 perfume and cosmetics, 154 shoe stores, 620 apparel stores , 246 medical and drug-stores, 14 museums, 14 cinema halls, 2 summer cinemas, 1200 non government organizations, 29 community centers, in Plovdiv 3914 accidents has been registered during 2003, they includes 715 fires, 2014 extinguishing of dry grass and rubbish, 931 assisting operations, crashes and duties, 254 false calls and 41 drains, in consequence of this 9 citizens died and 23 were injured; the distance between Plovdiv and the capital of Bulgaria is 150 km., in the City Art Galery there are 7364 pictures and 2134 exhibits, in the Plovdiv Library there are 1140797 volumes, 137959 visits in the Library were registered last year, 334291 volumes were used, 220 trains pass the Plovdiv railway station per twenty-four hours, Plovdiv has 350 artists, 7 hills, 1 canal for rowing with Olympic size, 4 parks, 5 bridges, 11 Orthodox Churches, 2 mosques, 1 synagogue , 2 Catholic Churches, 1 Armenian Church , one church school; there 28 bus and 10 trolley bus lines in the city, one tunnel, 5 subways, 8 post offices, 7 neighborhoods, 6 publishing companies, 4 fire brigades, 7 polyclinics, 8 market-places, 18 big manufacturers, one Fair City with area of 510 000 sqm from which 165 000 sqm are exhibition area, in the Old Town of Plovdiv there are over 150 monuments of culture, 2 amphitheatres, Plovdiv exists from over 8 000 years and its name has been changed 9 times – Kenbros, Eumolpia, Philipopolis, Pulpudeva, Trimontium, Pulden, Populdin, Ploudin, Filibe


08.09.2004, 18.00 Opening of the exhibition, Ancient Bath,
under the patronage of d-r Ivan Chomakov, the mayor of Plovdiv

08.09.2004, 21.30 "STITCH BOD" – dance performance – premiere
concept and choreography Alan Good /USA/

10-15.09.2004, 18.00-20.00 in the Ancient Bath and on the Main Street of Plovdiv
“BAEROBICS (European Tour: From Birmingham to Bulgaria)», author Calum Kerr, UK

20.09.2004, 17.30 Ancient Bath
“CON ANIMA” – Author's production of Lenart Andras
Family puppet theatre "Micropodium", Hungary

24.09.2004, 21.00 Ancient Bath
Project TORNA presents
Multimedia performance
“Don't shoot me”
Elena Panayotova-List, Ana Kirilova, Veronika Petrova, Aleksandar Predov, Margarita Petrova, Nevena Borisova, Rosica Gushterova, Stilyana Krasteva

27.09.2004, 21.00 Ancient Bath
"Lili Handel" – physical theatre, Ivo Dimchev, Bulgaria
Lili Handel – blood, poetry and music out from the white whore's buduar.

28 and 29.09.2004, 19.00 Ancient Bath
”Tarzan·, – performance, Johan Lorbeer, Germany
”ICE: Lise Meitner·, performance, Maren Strack, Germany

In the Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, Ancient Bath


13.30 - 14.50 - Emil Mirazchiev – Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv
15.00 - 16.20 - Irina Cios – International Center for Contemporary Art – Bucharest, Romania

13.30 - 14.50 - Dessislava Gavrilova – The Red House – Center for Culture and Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria
15.00 - 16.20 - Zoran Pantelic – New Media Center – kuda.org, Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
16.30 - 17.50 - Selda Asal – Project "Apartment", Istanbul, Turkey
18.00 - 19.00 - Mirjana Stojadinovic – Remont, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro



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