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ataArt Today Association
Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv


The Gaudenz B. Ruf-AWARD for New Bulgarian Art

The deadline is 6th May 2008 (postmark).
For more information: www.ruf-award.org

ataArt Today Association presents
in Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv,
The Ancient Bath

Group RAM, Austria
Volver - audio installation

Only on 11.01.2008 /Friday/ from 18.00 until 20.00 in the Ancient Bath premises.

Free entrance.

ataArt Today Association
аs a partner of Goethe Institute Bulgaria
and Center for Meeting of the Saxony-Anhalt Province, Plovdiv

presents the project MOVING MOVIES - see the city as a movie screen

Sometimes buildings can talk, cry, or laugh. This phenomenon will happen in real life in Plovdiv on 07.12.2007 /Friday/. At several places in the city, on the empty walls of the buildings Bulgarian, German and international short movies will be projected. Thus the invisible city spaces will turn into visible movie screens.
The projection screening starts at 18:00 at 15 Knyaz Alexander I Batenberg Str, the north-west facade of the City Art Gallery. Then it will continue on the walls of the buildings at 12 Abadzhijska Str, the parking lot at 14 Konstantin Stoilov Str, and 8 Yoakim Gruev Str. /the back of "Halite" market/.

The project will end with an after-party starting at 21:00 in the Corridor Gallery, 36 Konstantin Stoilov Str, The Old Plovdiv

ataArt Today Association presents
"Selected from Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv, The Ancient Bath"
as part of the festival "FINITO MA NON TROPPO", organized by the Swiss Cultural Programme in Bulgaria. Opening 22.11.2007, 18.00, The Red House, Sofia
The exhibition presents artworks by authors who participated in art projects of the Association, which were realized in Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv and were supported by the Swiss Cultural Programme South East Europe and Ukraine.
The exhibition will be open until 25.11.2007.
For more information and the programme of the festival visit http://artoffice.bg/event/19

ataArt Today Association presents
in Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv
The Ancient Bath

15.10.2007 – 30.10.2007

Opening: 15.10.2007/Monday/, 18.00 in the Ancient Bath

The exhibition presents works by the artists Ilias Poulos, Nikos Evangelopoulos, Virginia Mastrogiannaki, Vangelino Currentzis, and Konstantina Katrakazou.
The participants are questioning their time – time made of movement, speed, flux, transitions, mixtures, openings and withdrawals, the blurring of limits, the calling into question of past certitudes, the loss of previous reference points, time made of hope and fear in front of the unknown.

Entrance fee: 1 Euro (discounts for students and pensioners)

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