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ataArt Today Association
Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv
accepts proposals from authors for participation in the ART POSITIVE exhibition. Only artists working in Plovdiv can take part. Theme of the 2007 edition, 4th in a row, is ART ROBS.
We are accepting projects until 25th March 2007 in the office of Art Today Association, 36 Konstantin Stoilov Str, or by email to: office@arttoday.org
A committee, consisting of members of the Association, will announce the results on 27th March. Opening of the exhibition on 11.04.2007.
Information about the exhibition's statute and concept can be obtained by e-mail request or by phone: +359 32 638868.

ataArt Today Association
Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv announces

The Gaudenz B. Ruf-AWARD for New Bulgarian Art
The deadline is 15th May 2007 (postmark).
For more information: www.ruf-award.org

ataArt Today Association presents
MAX NEUPERT, Germany - participant in the artist-in-residence exchange program of Art Today Association and Werkleitz Gesellschaft, Germany http://www.werkleitz.dе.
18.12.2006 from 14.00 to 16.00 - UNION - action in public space, in subway of the North Tunnel exit.
20.12.2006 from 19.00 - PRESENTATION - in Center for contemporary art - Plovdiv, Ancient Bath. The author will present his past projects and will show the artwork realized in the Multimedia lab of Art Today during his residency.
UNION - The reorientation from the East towards the West finds its logical conclusion in the accession of eastern European countries to the European Union. Where do we go?
Will we feel an European spirit? Will we share mutual values? Will we have a common identity? Or is the EU just a free trade area inflated with empty words? Diverse hopes and fears are linked to the membership. Were do we come from? Looking back to the times when Bulgaria was considered as the unofficial 16th Soviet republic makes the radical political and social changes visible. Not only on the level of society, but also for personal
concepts of life.
The Bulgarian participant in the program is Plamena Dimitrova-Racheva who realizes her project Art-genealogy in Halle, Germany.
The program is realized with the support of Goethe Institut Sofia, Foundation Saxony Anhalt, Plovdiv Municipality.

Max Neupert, UNION project, 18.12.2006, the subway of Bul. Tsar Boris III Obedinitel, tunnel, North exit.

ataArt Today Association
_Center for contemporary art - Plovdov, Ancient Bath
_invites you to the exhibition
_ivan moudov/sibin vasilev

_6 p.m.
_"Audioguide is an exhibition of missing contemporary art works. The only thing reminding of them are the small plates on the walls pointing at their titles. The visitors are walking around the hall with head-phones and small devices in their hands, they bend down to read the name of the author/ title/ year of creation, but mostly in order to see the number written below. This number is the key to the understanding of the art work.
The device and the head-phones are a standard museum audio guide and with the entering of the showed number the visitor is enabled to hear the explanations to the respective art work in Bulgarian. So far, these facilities exist only in foreign museums and in foreign languages…"
_The project is supported by Art Today Association, Goethe Institute Sofia, Swiss Cultural program in Bulgaria, ANTENNAUDIO

ataArt Today Association presents the project
10 years video art in Bulgaria, idea Adelina Popnedeleva
Place: the office of Art Today Association, 36 Konstantin Stoilov Str.
Time: 10 November 2006, 18.00 - 22.00 and 11 November 2006, 14.00 - 19.00
video selections by Ventsislav Zankov - [videoti], Adelina Popnedeleva - AFTER FEMINISM, Nadejda Oleg Liahova - ACTIONS AND PERFORMANCES, Boris Kostadinov - VIDEOARCHAEOLOGY, Yana Kostova - TIME VS MOTION.

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