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ataFLUIDITY installations of Ilias Poulos (Greece, France). Opening on 5th of June at 19.00 in Center for contemporary art - Plovdiv, Ancient Bath.
Exhibition: from 6th until 25th June 2006.
"The project that I want to realise in the Ancient Bath aims at giving shape to the images which the Turkish baths raise in me. As a Greek from the Diaspore, the memory of the multinational past of those places that I have travelled from Central Asia, through Balkan Peninsula to Paris, often recalls. Leaving signs in time and space Turkish baths are symbolic ports for memories of collective and personal past, from a transnational and transcultural past, suggesting the fluidity of the human soul...“

Short fragment of Ilias Poulos's sound installation.

ataUNZ (Miriam Mone & Markus Gansberger) are the Austrian participants in the exchange Artist-in-residence Program of Art Today Association and < rotor > association for contemporary art, Graz, Austria http://rotor.mur.at. They will reside and work in the Art Today Multimedia Lab for a month - in June. More information about their work and presentation in Plovdiv will be published soon.
The Program is realized with the support of: Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria, Plovdiv Municipality and Swiss Cultural Program in Bulgaria.

ataLIGHT exhibition, Art Positive 2006 - (14.04-30.05.2006): Participants: Antonia Kostova – Tired light, Boryana Vasileva – Bulb Jam and Forever, Velizar Dimchev – The meaning..., Veselina Sarieva - My old shirt has lighted up, Vyacheslav Esenkov – Svet and Untitled, Elena Yanevska – Fireflies, Ivan Toshkov – Traces, Icko Maznev – Re-cover, Lora Parmakova – Introvert, Matey Mateev – Light, Natasha Kyupova – The great flowing of light, Natasha Nacheva– My light flower garden, Rada Dicheva – Cold / Warm Light, Rozalina Gacheva – Human Light, David Heywood - Top, Roumen Zhekov - Licht mehr Licht, Emil Mirazchiev - Blue and Spirit, light, Sevdalina Kochevska - Light, Tzvyatko Siromashki - Spiritual Space.
The project is realized with the support of Plovdiv Municipality, Swiss Cultural Program in Bulgaria and Italmodaluce, Plovdiv.

ataGuest Project "Be... in Labyrinth"
Center for contemporary art – Plovdiv, Ancient Bath
Performances 21 March 2006, 19.00 and 22 March 2006, 11.00

Labyrinth – the Theatre of the Senses is directed to the sensations of both - actor and spectator. This is art that is orientated toward the display of feelings, caused by our five senses – hearing, taste, eyesight, touch, smell. Using actors techniques and methods in alternative space, the "passing through the Labyrinth" gives the visitor the opportunity to dive into that place and to FIND again the challenges inside himself...

The project is realized by Association for art and education "BIVEDA", as part of the YOUTH program, with the help of Slug Theatre - New Bulgarian University, Drama Theatre Plovdiv, Plovdiv Municipality and Cynefin – Art for Soul(UK).

ataCreative Industries Evening
Center for contemporary art – Plovdiv, Ancient Bath
10th March /Friday/ at 21.00, Admission free
Exhibition (from 10th to 16th March)
The exhibition will present a selection of artworks that were realized in the Center during the past years by Plovdiv authors. Objects, installations, photography, video and slide presentation of realized projects. Participants: Asen Krastenov, Veselina Sarieva, Velizar Dimchev, „Edge“ group, Dimitar Mitovski, David Heywood, Emil Mirazchiev, Ivan Toshkov, Icko Maznev, Yohannes Artinian, Maria Djelebova, Nadia Genova, Natasha Kiupova, Rumen Zhekov, Sevdalina Kochevska, Tania Abadjieva.
Authors music:
Live performance and presentation of their new video „Fishing“
22.00 – Ilian Tuntev - electro-clash
Creative Industries Evening is part of the project Creative Cities of the British council.

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