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ataOn 30.09.2005 Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv will participate in the Night of the museums ang galleries with a selected program of video projections and a concert of the IDM beasts Res/Mloski from Jisatsuken. The program in the Ancient Bath in Plovdiv will start at 18:30 and will end at unknown time.
ataArt Today Association organizes for 11th time Week of contemporary art. The edition in 2005 will present exhibition „FREEZE“, an idea of Art Today Association.

The exhibition will take place from 8th September until 28th September in the Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv. Opening on 8th September 2005 at 18.30.
The organizers of „FREEZE“ have invited 17 participants who will present their versions on the absolute idea of conservation as stability, constancy, immobility, reticence, degradation. The exhibition includes objects, installations, video and photography. Some of the authors will use ice-boxes and will turn them into a frame of their artworks, will transform them changing or confirming their meaning and function.

List of participants: Ivan Moudov, Emil Mirazchiev, Yohannes Artinian, Sevdalina Kochevska, Nadia Genova, Roumen Zhekov, Veselina Sarieva, Ivan Toshkov, Natasha Kyupova, David Heywood, Icko Maznev, Michel, Maria Dzhelebova, Nadezhda Lyahova, Dimitar Grozdanov, Dimitar Mitovski, Zhivka Valevicharska
ice-box equipment from l

ataArt Today association presents
in the Center for contemporary art – Plovdiv
21.07.2005 at 18.00
8-th bienalle for contemporary art - Istanbul , represented by Emil Mirazchiev.
ataArt Today association presents
in the Center for contemporary art – Plovdiv
12.07.2005 at 18.00
51-st bienalle for contemporary art - Venice, represented by Veselina Sarieva and Sevdalina Kochevska.
ataArt Today association presents
in the Center for contemporary art – Plovdiv
23.06.2005 at 18.00
Rene Beekman – 2 presentations
The first presentation will focus on the role of video and digital technologies in theatre. The second presentation will discuss the technical development of two projects he was recently involved in; the theatre piece "Gospodin Ibrahim ili Tzvetyata Na Korana" at the National Theatre in Sofia and a software emulator of the 6 Channel Colorizer/Mixer that David Jones build in the early 1970's at the Experimental Television Center in the USA.

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